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Beef Ribs w/Smoked Onion

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Hadn't fired up the smoker in a while and while we were at the Flea Market we spotted this great Florida Sweet Onion at Aprils. One of the students at CHS is her son and he said they were really good, so we gave it a go.

Popped a beef bullion cube in the cored out center and added some minced garlic and melted butter. Then wrapped it in aluminum foil leaving the top vented.
The longer you can smoke this the better as it will start to caramelize. I was figuring around 4 hours or so for this one.

Prepped the beef ribs with MDM rib rub. You can Google this one up.

Wanted to go with a modified 3-2-1 and used 2.5-1.5-.5
Wood choice was Turkey Oak and Cherry.

At the 2 1/2 hour mark I wrapped them in foil, then back in the smoker. Boy, that Oak wood really adds color to the meat.

After the half hour out of the foil, I popped them in the pan and took them in the house.

LOL, this one looks burnt, but it was quite tender. Some sweet corn, fresh garden tomato, some ABT's and the Sweet Onion was excellent. It was a good smoke.
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those ribs look delicious!
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Mmmmmmm! Great looking feast Flash!!cool.gif
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Yum! Everything looks delicious. icon_smile.gif
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That looks great. Too early in the am for me to be looking at this stuff. Can't wait for some of the Iowa sweet corn to start coming around. But it's still a few months away.

That onion idea looks great. That would be tasty with beef for sure. How did the bulion cube turn out? Did it break all the way down?
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Oh yeah PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That's Great!

Hey, that's some great chow. Really missing fresh vegs here, still too early to put in except for the radishes.

Your plate was beautiful, I though I could almost smell it from here. Thanks for the post, it really helped.
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Looks good flash
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nicelookin beef ribs flash!!! and i love beef ribs!!! nice job with the onion too.points.gif
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Everything looks great!
I have to give you points on the onion. I have tried them done that way in the oven but will throw a few in the next time I fire up the smoker.
Love the fresh toms also, they looks so good I can't WAIT for this summers crop to be ready!
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Flash. Youre killin me here. The Q I can do! but fresh tomatoes in April? Mine are still under the lights on the back porch. I wont eat tomatoes till July!

Oh yeah, great lookin ribs!
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googled MDM rib rub and will be doing this for 5 racks of beef ribs i will be smoking tomorrow.
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Man I need to do some beef ribs!
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Oh man, does that onion look and sound good! I will definitely be trying that real soon. Nice job!
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Looks great flash. Those ribs and onions are making me hungry.

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Flash nice thanks for the qview never heard of turkey oak & i've not yet found any cherry to try yet but it sounds good.
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