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Bubba's Double Smoked Ham

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Tis the season for a million ham questions, this should get you going!
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Bumpage. tongue.gif
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Mmmmm....Now that is some tasty looking ham you got there.
Thanks for posting the link, and points for being not only helpful but for cooking something that looked so great.
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It's almost Ham season again! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Gotta try doing a ham again.
One tip to all who are thinking about smoking a ham, don't slather it with strawberry jam, figured out that doing that doesn't quite work, trust me...
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Got to get through all the Turkey nonsense first.
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Yes it is!
These went into cure about a week ago (3 bonelessa 2 Bayonne style, 1 sugar cure with various spices) and two weeks ago (2 bone in sugar cured). They will get a 3 day smoke around mid december and age between 6 mos. to a year.

The front ham will be ready just in time for Easter. I'll post more progress as time passes.
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Can you post recipe for rub?


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Bubba, You are one patient Dude...icon_mrgreen.gif

Oops, should have read: "DangerDan, You are one patient Dude...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Double smoked hams are the bomb! I did the rub, and used maple for the smoke last Easter. I used a Honey, pineapple juice, and ground clove mix for a glaze the last hour of the smoke. Best ham to ever hit our table for sure!
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Wow! Pics from the other thread look AMAZING! Smoking ham is my favorite thing by far. Hoping to do a few for a potluck luncheon next week and was thinking of getting a spiral sliced ham to make it a bit more simple for the work atmosphere... Anyone ever tried this?
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I have never double smoked ham before but I have smoked many of raw ham. Their really good and make some good sammies.
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