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Butts for Fundraiser

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I am doing a BBQ sandwich sale here at work today for Operation Feed. So I put four butts on the smoker last night and finished in the oven overnight, since I had to get some sleep for work.

Here they are, just mustard and rub.

Slathered, rubbed, and ready to go.


Hour or so into the cook.

I put them on the smoker about 6 pm and pulled them at 11. Wrapped them and put them in the oven to cook overnight. It was hard to sleep with the smell. I will try and get some pictures at the event. It starts at 11 to. Right now the meat (in a cooler), sauce and chips are sitting in my office and people keep coming by and eyeballing the stack.

Poor quality pictures are from cell phone, sorry.
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Looks good. I'll take two of those.tongue.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifLooks Great
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Nice! You feeding the whole office? PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif Good idea for the fundraiser. Beats a bake sale anyday.
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I hold the record here for fundraising. Last time I did this I sold 100 sandwiches in 25 minutes. I'm in a 40 story building and the fliers were plaster everywhere. It is supposed to be from 11 till 1. It may not make it to 11:45.
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Cool, good luck on the sale! Course, stuff like that usually sells itself!
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Be sure to take orders for whole, cooked butts.

You can probably raise as much money without the hassle of pulling the pork and making sandwiches (and cleaning up) if you tell folks they can buy a cooked butt from you.
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I did end up selling bulk to a couple of people. ~3 lbs and 3 packs of buns for $30.00. Not too bad. We cleared just under $300.00. Not shabby for 2 hours.

Again sorry for the poor quality of the pictures.

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Awesome. And good for you for putting your talent to good use.
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