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Mid-week treat, rib roast

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OK, it's not smoked, but it is MEAT and it was DELICIOUS. I'll skip the commentary and right to the good stuff.

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Mmmmm... looks mighty tasty to me!!
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Looking great, medium rare, perfect, Yumpoints.gif
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Looks great!!!
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Got One

I saw the q-view and my order is due at the co op so I ordered a Buffalo Rib Roast. MMMMmmmm can't wait!
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Looks like something I want to eat. Details?points.gif
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Looks great. I just picked up a 5 pounder yesterday. Hope mine turns out half as good as yours!
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That looks great. Cooked perfectly, and served with a tater and some horseradish...oh yeah!
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It's a pretty basic recipe, practically idiot proof. Rub the roast down with olive oil and season with your favorite juju. I like liberal amounts of Jane's Crazy Mixed up salt and Crazy Mixed Pepper on mine. Place roast in pre-heated 475* oven for 30-35 minutes. Do not probe roast for the first inning; 475* will destroy your tool. After 30-35 minutes, pull roast out, reduce oven temp to 325*, probe roast and place back in oven. Cook until desired internal temp. I cooked this one to 120* then rested it for 20 minutes at room temp. Internal rose to 134* just before slicing. About the only way to screw one of these up is to over cook it.
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