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Ham problems

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My father bought a hog and had it processed at the local meat locker. The hams and bacon were cured and smoked. They taste terrible. He wants me to re-smoke them. Is there anything else I could do to them to try to change the taste. I have not tried them.
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I don't know if you get Jeff's email newsletter or not, but re-smoking a ham was his topic this month. I did delete it as I'll probably never do a ham. But if somebody still has it they could probably forward that to you. If you're not subscribed you should take the time. Lot's of good info in there.
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This may sound stupid but maybe soak it for a day and resmoke it. Just a last ditch idea withought knowing how it tastes now.
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Thats what I was going to do. Maybe in a little brown sugar.
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Anybody else have suggestions?
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Toss the ham and smoke a brisket...
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