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Smoked Kielbasa question

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I'm using a Bradley 4 rack digital unit because my MES is broke.I made a batch yesterday and they were in my 4 rack digital for around 9 hours. The results were very good.
So, today I put another batch in to smoke and they have been in there for 11 hours and seem to be stuck on 135 degrees internal.
The smoker is set for 170 degrees.
Am I doing something wrong here, should I pull them now or wait for the 152 degree internal temp?
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Did you cure them with something as part of the recipe?
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As long as you added a curing agent to them, Id say let them go until they hit 152. Sometimes it just takes longer. Are you pre-heating your smoker at all? How long have they been stuck at 135? Are your thermometers calibrated?
What are you using for a thermometer?
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I used Prague powder and I'm using a Thermapen to check the IT.
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Hmmm. Have any other probe style therms you could double check things with? It does seem a bit odd that they should be stuck at that temp for being in the smoker as long as you say they are. Do you have a backup therm for your smoker? Certainly not trying to tell you what to do, but maybe get one of those dual probe digital therms, like Maverick. I used to use the wifes oven therms and I swear, out of the 4 she has, not a one of them close to the others LOL. Are you still smokin these as we speak? If so, Id say rack the temp of the smoker up a bit so you can finish them off and get to bed.icon_lol.gif
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Hmmm, is this a lot larger batch then yesterdays? how about the weather, is it colder or windier then yesterday? I'm just throwing things out there. I'd bump it up to 180-190 and recheck the thermo's
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I bumped the temp up to 180 and pulled the sausages around 3:30 am.
It's a good thing I'm retired and have no life!!
I was afraid things were going to be dry, but they turned out pretty good.
Thanks again for your input.
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