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Has anyone tried...?

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How about breading and deep frying a fatty with presmoked inside stuffings?icon_eek.gif Like a fried turduken...
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New Fryer

Just bought a fryer at Loews They were on sale for twenty dollars. Thinking what to fry. Might give it a whirl.
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I would imagine you would need to keep it at a smaller size so it cooks completely but doesn't burn the outside.
You could always make large meatball sized sausage balls and stuff them with many different kinds of ingredients.
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"Fried fattie meatball sub..."PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Fried Fattie Meatball Sub?!?!?! That has to be one of the BEST ideas I have ever heard!
Gotta give you points for that one because darn that would be good!
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You gotta make one now, you know you want to.
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I'd probably make & smoke the fatty for awhile, then bread & fry. Probably would hold up better in the fryer & you'd be sure it's done.
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what he said.

I'd think the best approach would be to smoke it first the "top it off" in the oil. Not positive it'll do anything to make it better. But hey, you might be the first to ever try this.

Good luck to you. Be sure to show us some picts. Especially during the frying process.
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