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My first Brisket with qview

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Started with an 11 1/4 lb. brisket prior to trimming, after trimming 9 lb. Rubbed it down, covered and into the fridge for a few hours. Also had a pork butt to do so I prepared that the same way.

Here's the brisket

Both hunks on the smoker

10 hours later I pulled the brisket to rest and cool.

Then sliced it up and vacume packed it for freezing

I will post the pork butt in a seperate thread

thanks for lookin
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Nice job Joe...sure looks good!
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Very nice!! Good job.
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Great Job!! Nice smoke ring..points.gif
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my... that looks dandy!
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Looks awesome
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Smokey...just wondering, do you always slice prior to freezing? I am going to do two smaller brisket flats today and I plan to freeze one, which I have never done (they usually get eaten, but we don't have the crowd today). Anyway, I have a vacuum sealer and planned on just freezing the whole flat, but yours looks great and has me thinking about slicing first too...just wonderin'.
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Smokey, now that is some awesome looking brisket. Nice job.points.gif
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That's some fine looking brisket you got there Joe.
Great job. How did she taste?
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Brisket looks nice and moist. I'm intriqued buy the dryer hose entering your grill. I didn't think offset smokers had that. Can you tell us more about your smoker?
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Nice looking brisket. I like the irridecent (sp?) coloring of the meat.

Oh yeah, kinda curious about the dryer vent too.
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Thanks for all the positive comments and feedback.

Meatball: Yes I always slice prior to freezing. First I cool the piece in the fridge. Makes the meat firmer and easier to slice.

The Dude and Scubadoo: Thats an extention from the chimney. It gives the smoke and heat more time inside the smoker and helps keep the temps even across the cooking grates.
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That's a fine looking brisket. Thanks for the Qview.
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Very nicely done!
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