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Columbus, Ohio Gathering

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There seems to be a load of us fromthe Columbus area. Who is up for having a big pot luck with summer? We can get a shelter at one of the local parks bring the smokers in have have a blast.

So who is up for it?
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Interested, but have a crappy summer schedule. If you schedule it I am a definite maybe!
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Sounds good. I'm sure that if I can get it scheduled they will come. I will see what I can do. My wife is going to be having surgery in July, and I don't have a free weekend in June. Maybe something in the fall would be better?
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That would work better for me. Have to re certify my family medicine boards end of July. Royal pain in the ---. No time until after that.
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Fall would be ideal ..... perfect . Tailgating, Buckeye football , Brisket ,Pulled Pork , Ribs mmmmmmmm i'm gettin hungry just thinkin bout it.
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OH YA, sounding good!
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I would be up for it.
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