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Easter Ham

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I am thinking about doing an easter ham kind of like Honey Baked Hams.

I was planning on glazing it with honey and brown sugar and then smoking it with some hickory and pecan.

Anyone ever done one of these before and have some pointers?
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I know smokeguy did one recently that looked really good.

If that doesn't help any I'm sure others will be along soon to help.
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Honey Baked

I have done one very similar to the link. Except I used a spiral cut and glazed with....I think it was vinigar/brown sugar very simple glaze. Easy smoke and delicious.
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Gotta be carefull with the sugar, get to much on there an it's gonna start gettin dark an hard. If yer usin sumtin with a fair amount a sugar, I'd hold off on the glaze till the end a the smoke.
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Save the glazing for the last 45 mins or so!
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