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Smoking Sausage in GOSM

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Has anyone ever tried cold smoking sausage in a GOSM? Here are my thoughts. A couple days ago, I got the wood smoking in my wood box with a hot plate. (I was really hoping to maintain low temps in the smoker with the hot plate, but couldn't get past 90 deg. with the outside temp around 45 deg.) But I experimented. I turned off he heat and removed the hot plate. To my surprise, the wood smoldered and smoked for at least an hour. Could I just run two wood chip boxes, heat them up to a smoke and change them out? Would that get me results similar to cold smoking?
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maybe 1 piece of burning coal in the wood box with the chips?? might be worth trying. Thought about the same thing for doing cheese.
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I've cold smoked breakfast sausage stuffed in links in my ECB. Either put down a line of chips down the middle or pile a ring of them around the outside. Lite one end like a fuse and it smolders it's way across. May go out a few times, but that's ok. Eventually, it gets going and you get a nice, 2 hour smoke. I like apple or cherry for this. Like eating candy.

If you are going to smoke sausage, even cold smoking......make sure it has some nitrite cure in it. Botulism you know. As good as it is, it's not to die for......literally.
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Not sure what temps you are trying to get, but 2-3 pieces of lump and a couple of wood chunks will run 90* consistently.

Turn the propane off & use a 9x9 cake pan instead of the chip box. Add lump, wood, & go!
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I just did a cold smoke last week in my GOSM. I have an after market chip pan from Lowe's its stainless and rectangular and holds a good amount of chips. I added about 5 lite charcoal briquettes to that along with the chips and got smoke for several hours then just added more chips and briquettes.
It works very well and the temps never got over 90
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When you add the the additional briquettes, are they already lit? What were you cold smoking?

I guess I am just looking for a good way to smoke sausage in the summer. I am not sure I will be able to maintain a low enough temperature to smoke in the 150 deg range.
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I lit the coals and got them burning good before placing them in the chip pan. I then used a coffee can and my turkey fryer to get more lit and ready later. I was cold smoking some Canadian Bacon. If you use this method yes you can cold smoke in the summer as you add little heat with just a few briquettes. I would suggest maybe you try it without the sausage the first time just to play with it and see how many briquettes and how long the smoke lasts so you know when you start the sausage
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