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If I only had the money

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What a sweet rig this looks to be. Be sure to let me know if you go after this thing. I'd love to see it in person.
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I know how you feel Dude

Check this one out, I cry myself to sleep wishing I could afford this one
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Someday man...someday
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Here's another ........If I had the money rig. came across this the other day.
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Now that's a smoker. I still like the first one for tailgating. Wifey says no, and I know it's just a fantasy.icon_cry.gif
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Only 2700? That seems like a good deal for that rig. Not that I can afford it. Trip to Disney in November cancels everything/
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That 1 in Huxley looks like a Char Broil smoker with a refer unit.
I would rather have a heavy smoker with lots cooler space in the back of my truck.
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I agree it doesn't look like a bad price. But more than the wife is gonna let me spend on some hobby. She hates how much time I spend on this site. LOL

I thought it looked like a refer unit too. But reading the description I think those are stereo speakers, the things that look like fans.
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Ah yes those are speakers, just noticed the Cowboy lump also.
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