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A little weekend fun

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I was in a little, and I mean little, competition in nearby Millen, Ga this weekend. I did not win but had a blast doing it.

I made probably the best boston butt ever and some ribs. I rounded it out with reheating some sausage I made Friday.

Here is me trying out my new grinder for the first time. Wow that's fast!

Some sausage shots after they came out of the smoker:

Me at the competition Saturday. Notice the Lang dream machine behind me...maybe one day...

Some Qview:

It was my first competition and was just a fun little fundraiser for the community. Had a great time and will do it again next time.

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It all looks great! Glad you had a blast at the competition, was that your first one?
Oh, and I like the Texas apron.
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Nice job and pics Jeff....comp looks like fun!
Lookin forward to some of that nice t-shirt weather up here.
Sausage and ribs look delicious...WTG!!
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Looks like a good time and some good looking sausage too

We have our first Comp of the year coming up and I can't wait
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Looks like a blast ! great q-view too , gotta luv ribs n smoked sausage
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Looks like a good time!! Your food looks great.... You don't need that Lang! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks like you had a good time. I will be checking out several competitions this year. Maybe next year I will try my hand at cooking in a couple.
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That looks awesome! points.gif to you for sticking your neck out there to be willing to be judged and for supporting your community.
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Nice job.I have found the bbq competitions full of great people.We will be competing at PORK IN PARK SALISBURY,MARYLAND-apr17-19-our first of ten this year. 94 teams as of now and they expect over 100-from 10 states.The night before are great parties.Good Luck .
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Looks like a good time and good Q. Nice
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