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Got my 250 tank and My first build begins - Page 4

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I'd suggest a small lip on the top of your rack slides.
Didn't know if you planned on it, but it will allow you to slide your racks most of the way out without them falling out. Makes it easier to load the back of the rack and also to sauce/mop.
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finished Painting her today the first 2 coats. added the exhaust cover and still have to drill out the valve for the fat. I think after work I will test burn and start to season the pit. I cant wait. :)

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points.giffor a great build thread!!!!!!
When I get ahold of a tank I will be building something VERY close to this!!!!!
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How are the doors to open, and do you have a way to prop them open? Looks great.
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beautiful smoker,excellent job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Impressive, keep us posted on the burn out and first smoke.
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those dog ears on the top of the smoder work OK. I am thinkin of what to use. i kind of like the axe idea.
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Here is the link for the Slide show of the Buld.
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seasoning the unit. looks good. Im happy with the results but need to adjuest the pitch so it can drain and heat move through.

put two probes on each end and was close to temps.
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Excellent thread. Great job.
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so whens the first official cook ?
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Nice tank!

This is awesome! I dream of this for myself someday!
Keep buildin this thing...I wanna watch!

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Oh crap! I didn't realize this thread was 8 pages and complete! That rig rocks!

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superbowl sunday i have a but and a brisket to choose from. Took her for a ride today she looks good.
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good looken build ya got PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
i think it turned out great and with no more tools than you had its a wow.
now for the show on superbowl sun.icon_mrgreen.gif
i just goota give yapoints.giffor this build
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Bigsal51, looking good
Can you explain the pitch thing to me, I am in the middle of a build and wasnt sure If I should weld the bottom plate on my reverse flow level or pitch it slightly away from the firebox.
Why does it look all shiny? is that cooking oil?
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What a fantastic build thread!!!

My dad has a 250 gal. tank just sitting on his farm. Now I'm dying for a reverse flow like yours.

I am saving a link to this thread for future reference - thanks!
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Well as you know heat rises so you have to tilt the smoker about 4 to 5 degrees so heat can channel under the plate. So if you have a 5 degree pitch then you have to compensate slope to the plate so the drippings will flow away from fire side. Now if I think if you add an air induction to the firebox it will force the heat through without having to pitch the smoker. On my iPhone I have a app that has a level and I will set mine at 5 degrees or so.

Thanks for all the positive comments it's been a blast posting this build I still have a grill to put along side it so not finished yet more to come.
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great build and thx for posting the progress!
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Great Looking Smoker!!

I have a few questions...

What is the weight on a 250gal tank? I have one located but I'm not sure what truck I'll need to pick it up.

In the first few pics you are torch cutting the doors, is the tank filled with water while you were cutting? I think it looks like water streaming out, just not sure.

When you pitch a reverse flow, is the pitch down from the firebox or up? I was thinking up due to heat rising, but the comments say that the grease drains away from the firebox so that leads me to thinking its down?

Just a new guy tryin to figure things out.

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