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MES took a dump

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My MES shut down in the middle of smoking butts. The digitalreadout shows that everything is non, but tem does not rise. I have the back off and I am looking at foam. There are two little metal boxe4s and a narrow opening at the bottom. don't see how to get in the boxes or how to tech. Any ideas???????
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I'd be willing to bet that one of the wire connections at the heating element fried. This is not a new issue with the MES. There are a couple of threads here on repairing it, it is a fairly simple fix. If it's still in warranty, I'd call Masterbuilt first - they have a great reputation for customer service.
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You're not the first to have that happen. If you sort through the electric smoker forum, you may find the post with pics and all. Usually seems like a relatively easy fix. Good luck.
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Ya, build a drum.
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Take a look here.
Pictures & instructions.
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Thanks every body. gor it fixed. Installed new connector to heating elelment. Just started a short smoke on some pork strips to check t out.
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Good job man.
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