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Holy cow, guys!! I thought it was windy here. Apparently, I have it better than I thought. biggrin.gif And I have a nwe found respect for you folks you live in those states and still smoke in the wind, that's for sure!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

and on top of trying to smoke in all this wind! we have to Golf in it too!!!!
and spring doesnt want to get here! it was in the 30s today!!icon_eek.gif
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Very nice johnd, you get points for that one. Snow like that and I'm thawing out a fattie and not even thinking of firing up the smoker.
What were you smoking, do you remember?
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portable wind break in kansas???????????????

no such thing as portable unless ya catch it on the rebound in kansas. so heres what i did shove it in a out house lol.

after & befor pics. good luck.
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Fire it up, That picture was taken superbowl night about halftime. -12* I had a pork loin a fatty and some armadillo eggs on. Didn't get any finished pics.
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Nice setup there Terry...
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OK guys. Im smack dab in the middle of Kansas . The town Im in is so flat you can see from one side to the other. My point? I know the wind. It sucks!

After siding my garage I had enough scraps of the cedar pressboard siding leftover to build two 5'X5' sections. I hinged them in the middle so they come apart and can be repositioned in any setup I need. They dont work miracles but they do give me a fighting chance in the Kansas winds. Yes the have blown over a couple times but in those times... I had sense enough not to be smokin! Yes in Kansas/Oklahoma/Nebraska/Texas/Etc...
we do cook in some extreme conditions. We learn to deal with it and we learn to retreat from it from time to time. The wind is not our friend but the smoke must roll on! Or not...

Oh yeah... my wife calls my wind break the Great Wall of Barbecue. It is...
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got a camera? Would like to see a picture of your Great Wall.

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The wind blew so hard at my house yesterday, it blew the neighbor's st. bernard over the fence into my yard. (windy) I played golf on saturday and hit one tee shot that came down in Arkansas. (downwind) I hit another tee shot that hit my playin' partner.... HE WAS BEHIND ME! (upwind) What I'm sayin' is its windy here(me too)
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I know this thread is kinda old, but I finally remembered to snap a pic of my windbreak. If it's really blowing I add 2 more bungie straps to the bottom, and move the smoker closer to the board.
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Kansas winds

Here in Kansas the wind blows twice a year once to the north and once to the south the only calm day is when it changes directions. I have a second floor balcony and I get plenty of wind.
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Originally Posted by Fire it up View Post

Dave, how do you support it from blowing over?

That would be easy.  Some rope, several tent pegs, a drill, your done, providing your on grass, omit the tent pegs if on a deck.  Easy to do.


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I have a small MasterBuilt vertical that i put backed up to a wall 6in away and I put a layer of aluminum foil across the 3 sets of exposed legs,, Lets me turn the burner way down without it getting blown out.

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