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MES PUFFing ?????

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I'm a newbie with the MES(w window) from Sams.

This is third time to use unit. Did some chicken legs/thighs and some meatballs. All turned out great.

BUT when I put wood chips in ( 1 cup at a time) each hour.
The chips would start to smoke, then smoker would fill up with smoke,

THEN there would be a PUFF -blowout the wood chip adder, bottom of door. Seems like maybe gases produced from chips ignited.

This would happen 2-3 times per load of wood chips.

Is this common? Am I doing something wrong?

Is there danger if I were to open door?

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No this is not common.

Are you using the water pan with water?

Is the Vent open all the way?

Sounds like not enough air is either not getting in or out.

Yes opening the door could be dangerous.

Keep us informed, I am curious as I have that unit and have no problems.
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This is not new. See this post from 2007

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Hi RvRivalKC,

I have the same MES from Sam's. My unit did exactly the same thing when I was doing the seasoning burn. There was no water in the pan, and I put the "1 cup of chips" in the loader as the instructions said. It produced THICK white smoke and "puffed" smoke out past the door and chip loader about three times. It didn't seem to do any damage, but the temp did spike up quite a bit. Since then I have used less chips (about 5-7 or so) at a time and it has not repeated the behavior. I believe that the cup's-worth of chips makes a big enough fire to draw a bit of a vacuum inside the MES (like the old boiled egg on a milk bottle experiment) and that causes the puffing. Just use fewer chips per load and you'll be fine. I don't think it's a danger. After all, it is still a "small" fire all things considered.

Best of luck with your MES.

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