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sheep and lambs

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g'day everybody .well lamb in my country is a part of the main diet .we love a lamb roast .hear is a few pics of my own sheep and lambs.we have 2 weathers lambs that we will be slaughtering in a few months .i know you don't eat a lot of lamb in the states but you should give it a try its awesome
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I'm not too big on lamb but I'd take the chickens I see in the background.PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Thank You downunder...

Thank you for the pics! Beautiful animals you've got there.

Some of us eat lamb.... When I was dating my wife, on her birthday I surprised her by roasting a whole, bone-in, leg of lamb. I knew it was a make-or-break dinner, and it turned out right! She loved it and ever since, on her birthday (at the very minimum) we have whole roast bone-in leg of lamb.

Ever since then, she's been trying to convince me that memorial day, veterans day, july 4th, and of course, easter are lamb days. I willingly go along, and we eat a roast leg of lamb year round. Not as often as you all, but we love it. Welcome to the SMF and thanks again.
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Great pics.I love lamb and you can find alot in meat sections from downunder.Be real interested in some of your lamb cooking and recipes when you cook in future.
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Thanks for the pics. I am smoking a bonless leg as we speak.
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I think it's just hard to find lamb prepared well up here. I've had some that is very very good, and some I couldn't eat. I grew up raising and eating beef, and so I didn't get much exposure to it. Kind of a prejudice from cattle ranchers. I have a very good friend whose wife's family are very large sheep producers here in Mt. He has made me some excellent Qd lamb on a Traeger. Good stuff. I even got my finicky daughters to try it.
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Local Shoprite has a good selection of lamb, well several different cuts but not a lot of them. The big reason I haven't done a lot of lamb is the outrageous price on it. Really expensive and almost never any deals on it here.
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g'day, dags -

lamb isn't as available up here as it should be, but the times i've eaten it, i've very much enjoyed it. i would like to try a boned shoulder or leg on the smoker sometime, as well as kabobs with a middle-eastern marinade.

this last weekend i did make a fatty from ground lamb - i tried to keep it on a greek "theme" and it went pretty well. here's my post on it with some pictures:

welcome to the forum! looking forward to learning how you blokes do it down there!
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