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newbie to forum kranskys

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g'day everyone .just joined the forum .just stared making sausage
a few months ago .it was always a passion i had inside me. i just got sick of eating the sausages from the supermarket (they taste like industrial cleaner)
so i saved and got all the gear "22" hand mincer (got a electric one but hate it lol) love using the hand grinder .and have a 5 kilo crank stuffer. it be great to talk to you guys and learn a lot .just started building a smoker out of a old fridge .well here is a pic of some kranskys i just made. darren
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Hey downunderdags, glad you joined the forum.
Congrats on all your new equipment, lookks like you're putting it to really good use.
Wasn't sure what a kransky was so I went to check the wiki and they say...
"The Kransky is a type of meat sausage. It is the Oceanic version of the authentic North Slovenian (Upper Carniolan) dish - the kranjska klobasa. The name stems from the Slovene name for the historical region of Carniola, a province that encompassed most of modern central Slovenia."

I have to tell you, those are some nice looking sausages, how'd they taste?
Would love to see a pic of your smoker as well.
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Hey downunderdags, glad you found the forum! I'm sure you'll fit right in here...lots of methods and recipes are shared here! If you haven't already scoped out the sausage forums, give it a look...very impressive things coming from the home-made sausage makers.

By all means, do post more pics of your equipment and the products you turn out...that sausage looks great! I have a wishlist for this summer to get my own sausage equipment built and running before winter hits again.

Happy smokes and sausage stuffing to ya!

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Them some nice lookin sausages yall whooped up there! Just another fine facet a the craft a smokin! Besure ta keep us posted on some them future projects!
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Sausage looks great! There are a lot of sausage heads here. Thanks for sharing.
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Tasty looking sausages you made there Darren, maybe you could share the recipe with us?
Oh and welcome to SMF!!!!
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Welcome! The sausage looks perfect. Hope to see more!
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nice looken sausage ya got there & welcome to smf check out daves thread on his smoker build it'll give ya lots of ideas.
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