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Smoked trout w/ potato soup

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Here's a few trout I smoked this weekend. Brined for about 5 hours with a spice mix.

After brining & sitting to dry.

Smoked with some apple

Served with AMAZING potato soup!

Any one interested in the soup recipe, let me know. It's really rich & filling.

Thanks for viewing!!!
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Chris, looks like another fine smoke! The soup looks fantasticicon_exclaim.gif You rock, dude.
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Some good looking smoked fish. Nice job
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Yes please, my man!! Of course, send the recipe my way. Wow. Good soups... a whole cooking universe unto itself.....

If you are interested I have some old timey Spanish soups from my grandmother's recipes I'll share with you.
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great lookin soup and fish. what kinda trout arer them. they have a lighter meat color than any i have ever seen. at least from this area... just curious. nice job on the food man!!!
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Those are some good looking fish. Thanks for the pics.
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Congrats on a great smoke Chris, I love smoked trout, especially fresh caught. let's go fishing!
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Thanks for all the kind words!!! I'll get the soup recipe out this evening to those interested.

Erain - These were brown trout caught in Ohio. The river is stocked, that's why the meat has a whiter color to it. Native (river spawned & grown) trout has a more pinkish color to it, but the ones that are stocked have a white meat color.

Just got back from TN a few weeks ago. The trout there had pink meat, so I knew they were naturally reproduced.
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Looks fantastic! Bring on the soup recipe...My dad loved potato soup, and by default I ate a lot of it and have a soft spot in my heart for it as well. It looked great...awesome presentation.
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Looks good Chris!!
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I think I got everyone the recipe that wanted it. Let me know if I missed someone, or if anyone else is interested.
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Looks mighty tasty Chris! I'd be interested in the recipe too if you get the time. Have you posted it on the forum?

Now my fishing fever has hit a new high. lol
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