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Beef prok and misc.

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Finally got a smoke in. It has been windy all day but I decided to go for it. I had a hard time getting the temp up until I realized the stack was turned into the north wind. Since I was cold smoking I threw the bacon on. Then I realized my mistake with the stack and turned it so I threw on the dino's. Since I was smoking I decided to throw on some pork chops and my pork shoulder that was rubbed and waiting. Guess this should be under pork or misc. But love those Dino's! (Wow those Dino's were good.) Porky is still on. Threw on some dog bones. Wow what a great day. Finally some smoke! Q-view to follow!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Q-view 4-5 Dino's Porkie Etc.

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More q-view

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Everything looks great! Thanks for some great Qview.
Is your probe stuck through a piece of wood? If so, I was wondering how you guys did that, do you just drill a hole through and shove it in? I use a potato which works but I throw it away after every smoke.
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I just use the grill mount!icon_lol.gif
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never got above 40 here today which is why I used the MEL today. Insulated. Great looking grub! Got to try the Dino's one of these days.
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Good looking stuff AZRocker
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