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Cajun and Grape- beautiful so far, congratulations! You all sure have a leg up on us in colder areas. My peppers are just small yet, but I appreciate your pics that give me hope for them later on this summer. Thanks

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Thanks, I do get a kick out it. Something about eating something that you have grown is very cool. Post your pics when your babies are grown-up.icon_lol.gif
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Thanks Rivet
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I have 3 Japs in the garden and 3 more in pots, but I am hard pressed to grow them again. Being we see them in the stores for .99 cents to 1.29 cents a LB. I might just use the ground for something else.
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Think this is the 3rd picking so far....Decided to can some slices. Will see how they turn out. Also, picked a bunch of Anaheims today.

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Man, I just put a couple of Jalapenos in my planters last week. I'm way behind!
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Those look good cajunsmoke13.I don't think i have had a jap since my last fresh in dec.My biggest might be 2 foot-just a matter of time...
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Canned some more today...I need to start giving some away...How many jars is too many? What is the shelf life of canned japs?

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Just great!....Nice....they'll last a couple years!
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thanks for the info
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Mine just hit the dirt! Be a bit fer we get japs, but, hopin fer a good big load of em this year! Yers er lookin fine!
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Me too, Tip. Just got mine started when Jerry helped me build the earthboxe's for them. They're growing pretty well, just waiting for the fruit to start bearing.

Cajun, those japs look like they're great size! Really love the way they turned out!!
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These have been in two weeks.Had our second wettest may and has rained everyday of june.This one is 16 inches and they are ready for some serious HEAT.....When it stops raining- time to cultivate and mulch.

I pinch off small peppers until plants are 2 foot plus.6-10 of my japs are for chipotles and my very first japs of year never have flavor of my japs that have been in heat.

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Mine just started to bud out,,, I thought it would take a few more weeks. but one already has 4 good starts on it
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Starting to get a nice crop.I grow 16 every year.I smoke about 8-10 of the plants or make chipotle in adobe...And relatives stuff alot for bbq comps etc...

Plants are 3-4 feet tall on average right now...

About a dozen hiding in this canopy

Almost full size-4inch x 1.5 inch on this one

Season is kicking in big time.....

Here was same jap plant that fruit came from in may

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Great looking peppers Alex...Nice garden...
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