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Country Ribs

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7lbs of country ribs (because they were on special), rubbed and let sit overnite with Alton Brown's rub plus a little added cayenne and ancho. Currently sitting at 220f over hickory - mopped every hour with a mixture of 1 part (homemade) Lexington Style dip and 4 parts apple juice.
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Right On! Show us some pics of the finished product.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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After four hours, off the smoker, foiled, and into the oven to finish. Internal temp @ 170F so figure 1 hour in a 250 oven, then an hour in the cooler.

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they look good
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Good looking stuff Elde...
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All done!

Could barely slice 'em, they just wanted to fall apart.

Rough chopped 'em and tossed with a Lexington Style dip and served with grits, corn on the cob (went frozen, bleh), green salad and sweet tea.

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Beautiful smoke ring on that. Great looking ribs!
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Nice looking Country Ribs. That's what I am having for dinner.
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They look good! Thanks for the view
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Good looking ribs. Great smoke ring!
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Wow...great work. Those look delicious. I've been trying to figure out whether to get those the next time I'm at Costo...thanks for making the decision for me.
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Nice job on the C-ribs and the ring!
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Good looking pork !
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