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Christene the build start to now pics.

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This thread was lost in the crash i know lots have seen it but for those who have not i'll repost it. this was built out of a cryogenic vessal very well insulated. this was damanaged and pulled from service price was right as its all stainless.
heres the begining.

first cut.

2nd cut

inner & outter tanks capped togather.

door latchs going on i like these as they are adjustable (snap over center) also 1.5" tube welded in for temp sensors and seales with alum foil so easy to remove probes for cleaning.

the heating element for this is 1500 watt picked up at flea market 5 bucks have put on high temp wire.

testing temp with no control went over 450* befor i unplugged it.

had some expanded left over so made my own racks as this build was on a very limited budget.


time to season put on temp controller out of a old donated elec stove oven controller coal and chip pan in place hickory season.

time to test temps runs good from 220 - 450*will not run lower temps with this wattage.


wife said time for paint she wants to put flames on bottom which i'm all for but still waiting for the mood to strike her know what i mean that will be another post (hopefully)

ok lets bake a loaf of bread mama says i think why not try it forgot about how many amps 1500 watt pulls and did not add relay to cover this bread did get done as did the oven thermostat. bread was kicka** good just a hint of hickory i did not use any chips on this just smoker seasoning sorry no qview as thermostat was smoking more than smoker.

here she is running at 225* with water pan running very well

heres where she got her name

got her moved outside and ready to go.

first good test abt's and a large armidillo egg these come out real well for the maiden cook

Thanks for looken at her
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Terry, she's a beauty! Great job!!cool.gif
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Wow Terry, that thing is awesome! Great job, she is a beauty. I was wondering if you could tell me how you rigged up the dial for temp. control?
Yyou got points for this, I wish I could give double points.
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this was a thermostat out of elec. oven but i fried it as i did not run a relay to handle the amps of the heating i have a thermostat that turns on & off a relay that runs the 1500 watt heating element works great.
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Awesome Terry points.gif.

Christene is a great build PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif.
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thanks Dave
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Thanks for re-post-that is real nice.
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That is def. one of a kind! Great build.
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lovin that Christine!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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WOW, this thing is awesome. You did one fantastic job there.
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thanks nozzelman stop by roll call and tell us bout yourself
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How cool is that?
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Looks like a great build. About that vessel, that's the kind of cryogenic that would hold nitrogen or keep heads on iceicon_mrgreen.gif
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Great lookin DIY custom smoker.....

Thanks for a detailed look at the build.
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Looks great enjoy the meat ! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Beauty of a build dude! This thing looks awesome!points.gif
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