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Attachment 21010here is mine, lang 60
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Here is the one I built.. 30x72,

Here is a link to all the construction photos - http://

and here is one I bought - J&R Oyler 700

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Dang Token. Now those are some smokers. Nice
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Here's my 20" Horizon RD special.

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wouldn't mind seeing some more rigs if anyone has pics.biggrin.gif
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This is my newly built smoker/grill combo. Its a 250 gallon propane tank with slide out charcoal trays for grilling and a smaller tank off a Moline tractor is the firebox for smoking. I seasoned it the other day and did a test cook the next. Smoked two butts for 15 hours, a couple racks of ribs for 4 hours and some ABT's. I wish I could have let the butts go a little longer but had to pull them a little early (180 deg) to make dinner on time.

I was pleased with the way it cooked and the temp mgmt so its off for paint now. I've got some Thermolux high temp hunter green for the cooking tank and satin black for the firebox, legs and exhaust.

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Wow, how do ya move that monster? Nice rig.
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Being a farmer I've got several different pieces of heavy equipment I can use to load and unload it on my utlity trailers when I need to move it for a cook away from my shop. Thats the reason for the two loops welded on next to the smoke stacks. I'm going to keep my eye out for a dedicated trailer to buy at auction this winter.
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that look pretty nice. I am a really big fan of the home built smokers myself. I always take a little more pride in something I built myself.
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Very nice. Those are some big smokers..
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Here be my drum!

Ifin ya ain't never smoked on a drum, try it, I sure like mine! An ifin ya need some conviencin:

Some chicken quarters I did.

An some spare ribs.
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Headed to bixby comp
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Here's my homebuilt horizontal offset (it's for sale):

Back in the days of preburning:

Now my pride and joy:

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Very nice rig Pink.
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does this count????

Here is my home built (I put the pieces together there) pellet fired smoker.
Attachment 21486

To give some size context it is 7 1/2 feet wide 6 feet tall and almost 3 feet deep it is powered by a country smoker brand pellet feeder with variable rate control and it has 4 analog thermometers and 3 digital probe dual temp (oven and meat) thermometers.

Does this count as a wood fired smoker?
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Here is my rig. It will be sandblasted and painted within the next few weeks.

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These all look great!
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Meet Burny



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