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Show Off Your Rig!

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Hope to start a 'showcase' thread here for everyone to show off their rigs, give some info on them, where they got 'em, etc. for others who are looking to buy one or move up to a larger model and hopefully get it made into a sticky for easy reference! Also any unusual or custom rigs out there too that you know of and have pics for! A one-stop-shop thread for all stick burners to strut their stuff!
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Here's my smoker...I built it myself, made out of a 250 gallon (i think) propane tank that was dug out of the ground at my church, a 10 foot pop up camper trailer, and the firebox and warmer are made out of tubing plated with diamond plate floor metal. Everything works really well, couldn't be happier with my rig, but I always enjoy adding things to it to improve it.
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Real nice rig there. The older I get the more I think I should have been a welder!
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smokerrookie, I was reading your post on how you cut your tank. Did you say you cut the doors with a sawzall what blade did you use and was it hard to cut. I am going to get my tank here in the morning and i was looking at buying a plasma cutter. Do you think i can weld with a tig or do i have to get an arc welder. sorry lots of questions
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Here's mine. Made it last summer from a 60 gal and 30 gal airtank. Cooks really well and turned out better that i had hoped. It was my first build.
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The more questions the better. I used either a bimetal blade or a metal blade I got them at Lowes i believe, the have clearly written on the label, either bi metal or metal...we used probably 7 or 8 different blades. If you have one person cut and the other one spray wd 40 on the blade while your cutting, the blades last longer and cut a lot faster and smoother, I thought. Obviously a plasma cutter or torches is gonna be less work and easier to use but then I would think their a little risker on the gas part. I've never tig welded, so I don't know, I used an 225 arc welder, it did the job fine, but when I do it again, i'm gonna use a mig welder. Any way, glad to help, anymore questions, just ask.
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i used cutoff wheels on a 5" grinder,plasmacutter & sawzall on tanks as most i do are stainless. plasma fasted then grinder and then sawzall i tig 60$% and mig 35% &5% stick if you have a tig welder it will also run stick electrode. use what your most comfortable with. ?'s we like
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In this picture is the cooker I am using but still need to put a axle under it.
I am actually going to use the 22"pipe for a firebox on the black one.
The other I dug up .......it is a butane tank and is still doing a soak.
They both belonged to my grandfather who owned a Butane/Propane Business for a couple of decades.
Still hav work to do on these projects but the little one has already cooked several meals!!
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During the build.........

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And some meat !!!!!!!!!!

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I didnt even see this thread till tonight. I have been making my reverse flow for that past two weeks. If I didnt have dial up internet, Id post the pics again here, but it just takes too long. Anyone interested, do to the link I posted below.

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here's my home built rig.

I built this mostly out of stuff given to me along the way. probably don't have $100.00 total in the whole thing. It has since been painted but I definately want some wheels on it.

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here is my rig and my future rig.

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Here is one of mine. Not many days in the Texas Panhandle you can actually use the umbrella!

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Here is mine

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WOW! Gettin' some fantastic lookin' rigs! Keep 'em comin!

Pops ยงยง
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Hey Juanito, I like that setup. Did you make that? If you get a chance, send me a photo of the back of it, would like to see how you have your firebox mounted in relation to the main chamber. Thanks.

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Two buddies and I built it, now we are on our third one. Each of us will have a smoker when done we call them JNJ smokers. Stands for John, Nate, and Jessie, here is a pic of the tanks from the side.
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Juanito - that is a really cool setup ... love the pics you've posted. Is it built like a reverse flow?

Here's a pic of my baby, Lala (Lang 48 Patio):

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Yup that is a cool setup. I like the way you mounted the main tank on the rear of the trailer. No tires or fenders to get in your way and not crowded. Good job. Is it a reverse flow?
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