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hey, big train - no red cape but at times it felt like one would have helped!

mikey - im poking it now and then with an insta-read analog thermometer with a 5-inch probe. it looks like this (upper left corner):

it's going to have to do until i convince mrs. tas that we really, really need a dual-probe remote digital thermometer. i've seen a link to amazon with a nice one for around 27$ and will do the appropriate amount of begging over the next month, hopefully.

dude - the funny part is that we have another blanket that looks just like it. we picked them up at a yard sale or somewhere, can't even remember - they might have even come with a couch that we bought at a yard sale once. throughout the last winter, we were shovng them up against the bottoms of a couple of doors to keep drafts out.

it's wool and heavy and i kept it from the firebox so nothing got ruined. i have it standing by for tomorrow's smoke, just in case it is needed!