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Dutch Oven Liners

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I saw Dutch Oven Liners at WallyWorld and thought I would give them a try. The liners work very well.

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Sorta defeats the purpose of seasoned C.I doesn't it?
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BBQ Bubba

Sorta defeats the purpose of cleaning the pot, doesn't it bbq Bubba!!!!
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I was kinda thinking along the same lines as BBQBubba, but then I can also see how it would make cleanup a whole lot easier. To me it looks like it's just a sheet of parchment paper, or is it different somehow? Might give that a shot next time I'm using the DO and see how it turns out.
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When camping I’m so tired of cleaning Dutch Ovens. The liner gives me a break. I think BBQBubba is right on the money with his comment. Most things I think I would not want to use a liner. To answer your question PitRow, it is parchment paper, $4.00 for a pack of 8.
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Just like many of the items we use, they surely have a place in the arsenal. I especially think I would like them when I do cobbler or other desserts where you get the sticky baked on sugar syrup stuck on the oven. I really don't think my seasoned oven adds a lot to a dessert anyway, a stew now, thats another story.
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Mulepackin, I believe you have summed it up. Yep, you surely have.
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Hell, I just looked at the picture in your original post! Now I really feel like a dumb@$$.
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thanks for the qview gator i like all pics of good food
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I saw those to. The day after, I went to a DO class, he said they work great also, but dont waste your$$. Heavy Duty alum foil works great. So I spose you could use parchment also. You end up getting lots more for your money. Also, it is not a "Uni-Tasker" as Alton Brown says.

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GatorCamper, like Mulepackin, I use parchement paper to line my d.o's whenever I do breads and desserts. I buy the 18 inch X 50 foot roll of parchment paper for about the same price that that you paid for your 8 liners.
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