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brisket tonite, with qview

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got this packer out. had plenty of fat on it.

seen this deal on you tube on trimming so gave it a shot.

fat removed.

did a light sear.

made a mustard slather, seen bbq bubba been using worsey sause so added some of that to plain old mustard as well as some brown sugar. slathered and then covered with basic rub. hoping to have a good bark with this method.

mustard on, forgot to take pic with rub... is in smoker now. i put the fat trimmings on the rack abouve the brisky. have a pan below it as well.

more to come.
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I just got ready for a mouth watering but when I got to the mustard, you stopped! I don't know if I can stay up late enough to see a pic of that baby getting done.PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif I'll catch it tomorrow. Looks good so far.
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Great start Erain! Can not wait for the Qview. Started mine at 3 this afternoon. The point is up to 158. Have not checked the flat yet. Will wait for a few more hours yet. Pics on the way also. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Looks like a great start and will be waiting to hear what you think of the worsey sause.
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Looks great! Just curious as to why to the sear??? Let me know cuz I might try it on my own...
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Looks awesome eman !!!!!!!!
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have been doing all my briskets the sear method or better known as the smoky okie method. is strictly a personal thing but i fweel the carmelization you attain with the sear gives you much deeper beefier flavour. you almost have to try one and compare and make the choice yourself. if interestedi could give links to some other posts which go more indepth on the sear.

here it is at 130 deg. i had the fat on the top rack and removed it as it really seemed to have self basted itself pretty well so far. want the bark to set up more.
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Really looking good, Looking forward to the end result! Good job so far!
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YEA BABY that looks great!!!

I would appreciate that link... Just pm it to me...
Thanks for the heads up!
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Now that looks good - Hopefully mine will be lookin like that tomorrow!
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it hung up for a while but its on the move again now!!!
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Now that looks good there Erain! nice work!
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Thats a great looking brisket. What time is dinner?

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Looks great, Erain! First qview I've looked at today and now I'm hungry. icon_lol.gif Can't wait to see it finished.
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I knew I was gonna wake to somthing wonderfull Erain-man thats 1 good looking brisky-I sure love the sear as u know.great job bud,as always.
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thks all!!! real funny how this place gets a person to take pics of there food. now its just well... normal, part of the cook,etc... lol

well here it is, the fatless brisket... well it shure is good. so now i have done them both ways.... which way will i do next, i am not sure. maybe a person needs each side by side to pass final judgement. all i know it is very fine eating. throw all the briskets i have so far done, which aint been all that many but this was the best so far. but i say that every time i make a brisket. you will have to make up your own minds or try it, make sure you report your findings either way. i find it inconclusive.

thks for cking my pics and all feedback welcome!!!
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Looks good.... Mines sitting at 190 now.... About another 30-45 mins left and into the cooler she goes.
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Searing rules!

I sear every brisket I smoke. I believe that it really brings out the beefy flavors in the meat and gives it a great bark. I usually sear with the rub already on though and have never put the mustard on a brisket. I doubt it would hurt though. This one looks awesome Erain!

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Ab-so-loot-lee beautiful looking brisket Erain! Well done. I thought about your searing and reasoning and now you have me curious. Nevered seared before, but I bought a packers trim 9 point something pounder yesterday that I'm going to sear as you do. Thanks for the pics and advice- great stuff from you, as usual. points.gif
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thks man, if you are interested here is the youtube vid i watched showing the trimming of the brisket. anctually does the whole dang thing, no edits... remember its just an option. i looked at the brisket i had and realized there was a ton of fat so having found ideas on you tube before i just clicked in trim beef brisket. but if interested heres the link.

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