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1st Brisket with QView

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Been wanting to try a Brisket for awhile now - So I picked up a 5.5 beauty tonight.

(The cuts in the meat are to remind me what way to cut the meat once its done cooking)

The Fat Side....

All Rubbed Up and Ready to go rest in the fridge over night.

I'm using a Dry Rub called Chipotle Brisket Rub and it has the following.

One quarter cup chipotle pepper powder
Two tablespoons kosher salt
One tablespoon ground black pepper
One tablespoon brown sugar
One teaspoon cayenne pepper

This is just the start of the view.... I'm gonna get up around 730-8 AM to start this bad boy... Hopefully It will be done by 3 and let it rest for 2 hours in a cooler with towels and be ready for dinner by 5.
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Couple Questions about the smoke for tomorrow...

I've noticed that some people put a cheapo aluminum pan at the bottom of there smoker with something in it... What is it? I'm guessing its a "water" pan with a mop type deal in it...

Also - Could/Should you inject a brisket? If so, what would you use as your base?
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I just did a pork loin very similar. Looks great cant wait to see the final product!
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Keeping hot water helps the smoker maintain temperture and recover quicker when the doors opened and also adds moisture. I have my doubts whether other ingredients added to the liquid give flavor.
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Cooking a little faster then expected so far....

Lil Under 2 hours in and its at 155 still waiting for it to hit the wall....
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I think it finally hit the wall.... Its dropped back down 2 degrees to 160.... My grilling temp was lil below 200 so I went ahead and lit some more coal and took a pic.

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Looking great so far...Keep us posted w/ pics!!!!
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Shes in foil and sitting at 171. Now to get her up into the 190's!
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looking good nick-play with a sear one time-think you'l like it.
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pan works good for a water pan and also to catch dripping i've never injected a brisket maybe someone else will be along on that subject.
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i always use one a them el cheapo alum foil pans under butts, briskies, roasts, etc. sometimes but a broth in them and onions and mushrooms. use it to catch the drippings from whatever your smoking. defat while meat is resting and use as an au jus or take some and add a lil cider vinegar, and some good balsamic vinegar for a finishing sauce to add to pulled pork/beef.
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Shes out... Sitting in a pan wrapped in towels with a blanket over top in a cooler...

Gonna open her up at 400
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Everything is slowly coming together....

Brisket is sitting in the cooler about to be sliced and diced....
Corn Muffins made
Deep Fried Pickles battered and waiting on deep fryer to heat up...
Baked Potatoes in the oven...

ETA Dinner time - 4 PM EST.

ETA for Q View - 5 pm EST.
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Can't hardly far so good!
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I use a cheap foil pan on the bottom rack filled with apple juice and beer.......
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And here we go... I'm stuffed.... I'm a little early on the Q View but one hell of a dinner... Wow..

I'm really really surprised at HOW WELL I was able to cook the brisket... The temp never got above 275 today....

I foiled it at 170 and cooked till it hit 200. Put it in a pan and wrapped it in 2 towels and a blanket and put in a cooler and it rested for 3 hours.

Ahh what the hell here is the pics...

And here we go.... Wow... What a dinner...

Side View

All Sliced Up

Level with the Brisket

And the dinner plate...

Baked Potato, Corn Bread Muffins, Deep Fried Pickles and Brisket

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Freaking awesome looking piece of meat! Nice even ring. Glad you enjoyed it.
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what he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

points.gif from me too!!!!
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