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Minimum temp. with no cure

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I've made my share of jerkey in the past,both on a brinkman charcoal smoker. And have even gotten pretty good at it on my reg gas bbq. I've never used cure, but then again I treat the meat like it's not cured(put it in the frig a.s.a.p, ect) Gonna throw a batch of elk on in a few using my fairly new master built electric. It's cut about 1/4" thick was thinking 190 for about 4-5 hours? I may look into some cure in the future, is there one that isn't too salty. Fwiw I dry rub mine with brown sugar and salt(mainly) with a few other goodies,not sure if the salt is helping much as far as "cure" goes?
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I believe the Prague Powder No.1 Pink Curing Salt is considered "not too salty".

You may also find this thread interesting.

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Thanks, I'll try to pick up some of that cure, btw. That thread didn't seen to touch on temp. at all though?
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Sorry. I think most people smoke (cured) jerky at around 120° to 160°. I try for 140° because that's about as low as I can get the Afterburner to go on my SnP.

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I cant give you specifics but I have been doing cold smoke sausages and hams. There is no minimum temp with Cure 2. The nitrate breaks down overtime to the nitrites that provide the preservative. The smoke acts to flavor and dry the meat

Cure 1 provides the nitrites for immediate action.

I may be proven wrong because I am not a food scientist but I think the main difference between the cures is the amount of time you can leave the product at room temp. Meats with cure 2 and salt do not require refrigeration because the antibacterial affects of the nitrite is extended.

I would think that if you use cure 2 you could sun dry your elk.

This is just what I read. You may consider posting your question to your state Ag extension site, food safety site, or "Garden Web" has food preserving sites that are watched by very experienced people.
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Thanks, I realize now my post has liability written all over I just thought maybe there was a general "rule" to follow. Fwiw 190* for about 4.5 hours was about right and I lived to tell about I've always steered away from "cure" because I thought it was just basically msg, sounds like I'm mistaken there.
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LEM makes a cure that is pink and I think is similar to Instacure #1. It doesn't have the salt content that the TQ has and I use it when I don't want to add the salt. I think the smoking temp and time is an individual preference. I do mine at 140 to 160. As far as a minimum temp with no cure.... same ol rule of thumb.... up to 140 in less than 4 hours. Here is an interesting link that gives some insite into this debate.
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Thanks for the link, that was a good read. Thanks guys for the cure info, I'll try a couple.
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I do jerky without cure and Im still alive. I usually cook at 175 max. Any hotter and you are cooking it not drying it. At 150 it takes longer and gets tougher. And still nobody dies...
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I use a recipe with no cure in it, and it comes out great and i've never had a health problem with it.
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