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Pork and some chicken legs

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It's chilly out but going to try the smoker on the deck today, hope the temps stay up! We went to a new store in the next town that just opened, it's called Winco. They had some amazing deals on name brand meats (armour), they had pork loin roasts, 3 big ones in a pack for barely over 4 dollars! For 3 mind you! Got two packs of those and some chicken runners PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Didn't get the pork ribs, they looked really fatty and didn't feel like doing all that trimming, too tired from busy work week PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif But, I am going to try doing a couple loin roasts in a similar fashion to pork ribs. A rub, then coat with mustard, foil at the end for some juice and such. See how it works!
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Sounds good! Can't wait to see some qview.

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Thanks, I'll get some pics here soon, still gotta fire up the smoker, lazy Saturday! :)
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Sounds good Ron! I just put a couple of beer butt chickens on the smoker. Tomorrow is Fred Flintstone sized smoked burgers. Will do those indirect on the Weber kettle I picked up this week.
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Cool, I wanna try those too soon! Let us know how they are :)
Cool, how much for the kettle?

I guess it was Hormell, not armour, here they are, and here rubbed and painted.

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Meat's looking good Ron. Sounds like a lot of Q'ing going on this weekend. I got the kettle for $20.00 on Craigslist. Guy claimed it was 1 year old, and used 5 times. Looked great, I believed him, and didn't haggle. I put a thermometer in the lid this morning.
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Ron, you're off to a tasty looking weekend. It's all good my friend.
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Cool, nice deal ya got! Bet it works great :)

I gotta get a chimney, still fanning my coals, almost ready to put the smoker over the bowl!

I put a bunch of stuff in the water bowl, just to try that too.

thanks! Hope its good!
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Chickens are done. Already ate. It was a little early, it makes up for the times smoking ribs takes 1 1/2 hours longer than I figure.

It was my first beer can chicken. Came out really tender and juicy, even the white meat. Skin was not quite rubbery, not quite right. My smoker did funny stuff today. I started with a fair amount extra lit coals. I wanted to smoke over 300. But it went to 240 and stayed put. After 2 hrs I checked the firepan, and only half of the unlits were going. Have no clue what was going on. Normally by 2 hrs, even the farthest unlits are going strong.
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What, you mean you don't time things perfect every time? lol

sounds awesome though. How much did you pay for the chickens? I was gonna get one too but they were like 8 bucks, what.. is there chicken shortage now a days?

Weird, I'm having the opposite. I did the same as last time, had 300 for 45 minutes and had to rearrange to get the temp down, now it's at 210. Gotta stir and mess with it again here in a minute. At least everything is getting some solid smoke time but I wanna it cooked too lol

Did you put the chickens on the lower rack with just a open beer can shoved up em?
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Geeze... It must be a full moon in the Brinkman world.

We paid way less than that for the chickens. They were in our big freezer forever. But no hint of freezer burn, and quite juicy like I mentioned.

For 4 bucks each, I bought a couple of beer can chicken roasters at Home Depot. It has 4 pads to stabalize things, and a holder for the can. The holders probably aren't really neccessary on most cookers. But I think it was a good idea in case I needed to lift the smoker body off the coals. I did them both on the upper rack. Used a can half filled with beer, onions, and Basil/Garlic seasoning.

Next time I intend to do them on the Weber.
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I think so! Got it at 270 now, close enough...

Man chickens here are so spendy, but a bag of breasts is like 4 bucks, weird

I saw those, sounds like they work, I gotta get one. Your chicken sounds really good!

I just painted the pork with some olive oil mixed with seasonings and worscheshire sauce (I can't spell that for nothing!)
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How did everything turn out?
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Looked like a great start but wheres the finish I hope ya didn't get too filled up and take a nap biggrin.gif
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LOL kind of on the nap, semi anyway :-)
By the time we ate, it was 6:30, I never left the couch after biggrin.gif

But it came out good, I would have liked the pork even more well done so I could have pulled it really easy but it still was really good and the chicken legs were awesome. Still have a bunch left and the other roast left for another dinner. Here's what it looked like :)

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Holy smokes! (Pun intended) look at that smoke ring.
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Is that a good thing?
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It looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The reddish ring around the edge of your pork is caused by smoke penetration. Yours shows a lot of penetration. So, it's a good thing. After all, you're smoking.

The first few times I used my smoker I figured the more smoke the better. And while I never ruined a piece of meat with creasote, the smoke flavor (hickory and/or Mesquite) was too strong. Since then I've cut way back, and then let the TBS do it's magic. I've had much better luck with chunks than with chips. Today I'm using chips in the grill, but I only use chunks in the smoker now.
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OK, yes, I just didn't know if you thought I over smoked it since the ring was so prominate :)

Me too, chips go supersmoke for a while, like a forest fire lol. I'm using chunks too and yesterday did try to keep it way down. I was amazed when I cut the meat and saw that big smoke ring. It tasted about right but was curious since you seemed shocked PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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