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Browning /Camp Chef Smoke Vault

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Aloha all,

I am planning to purchase a Smoke Vault 24. When i google Smoke Vault, I get Browning Smoke Vault and Camp Chef Smoke Vault. They look like they are the same thing. Are they made by the same manufacturer? Do they have the same features? What should I know about each one? Everyone here seems to think highly of the Camp Chef Smoke Vault. Is that the one to get?

Thanks in advance....
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They are one and the same except the lettering on the door. I am happy with my Smoke Vault 24. Good luck with your new smoker.
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I was in Sportsman's Warehouse today and asked the salesman and he said Camp Chef is owned by Browning.
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Thanks for the info. I originally wanted the Big GOSM, but the Wal-Mart here just could not get it in. I've been using the smaller one but now find I need something that can hold more and allow me to smoke a whole side of pork ribs without cutting them to fit the smoker. So....Camp Chef-24 it is. Only Problem is ....shipping to Hawaii is costly.

By any chance does anyone know where the Camp Chef-24 is selling for less than $300.00? Again....thanks in advance :>)
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Sportsman's Warehouse had them on sale yesterday for 259 dollars
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best price I could find in a hurry

love my smoke vault

for the 24"? if that's correct, that's a smokin' deal! (pun intended)
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Thanks all, I'm now waiting for the Big Brown Truck. That will give me time to learn how to post pictures.
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