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New from Nebraska

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Been lurking here for a while, but decided it was time to join in.

I'm on my third smoker, and first gas smoker. Started out with charcoal, but just cold smoked my summer sausage, brats, and such. Started small and ended up building a smoker out of an old metal clothes closet. Thought it was time to do everything in the smoker, so bought a gas one.

I guess I grew up with some of this stuff. My parents owned a small town locker plant so I was rasied with making summer sausage, curing hams and bacon, and making dried beef. Today I still use my dads summer sausage recipe that is from back in the 40s, and still use our old curing recipe for hams and dried beef. Though now it is dried deer.

In the past when I bought pork loins while they were on sale, I'd cure them and turn them into ham. But after reading the forum I stuffed one a couple days ago and fixed it in the smoker. My son in law and younger daughter's boyfriend were impressed. At least I assume they must have been, because the three of us just about finished the whole thing off in one setting.
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Welcome to the forum Reinman! Glad to have you here. Looking forward to your input and any photos you care to share with us. :)
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Welcome to the forum, glad you decided to join us.
Sounds like you have lots of experience with smoking so I'm glad we have assimilated you. Your technological and biological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Sorry, watching a Borg episode of Star Trek.
Though I do look forward to future Qviews and any info you can contribute is always welcomed. Congrats on a new gas smoker, and would love to see some pics of your home built one, sounds like a great idea.
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. You'll find some good info and great recipes here. Sounds like you can add some too. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us. Looking forward to your input.
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Welcome Reinman! Are you talking jerky when you say dried beef? Just curious.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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welcome to the SMF family, glad to have you
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Thanks for the great introduction, and welcome to the SMF. Looks like we'll be seeing some Q from you before long. It's all good my friend.
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By dried beef I mean what some call chipped beef, or for the military type the good old $... on a shingle.

I use nice eyes that come from the ham on the deer. When done I thin slice it and use it for sandwiches.
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Welcome to the forums, reinman! Glad you chose to stop lurkin' and join us. I look forward to your input.
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Welcome to the board!!! Fun place and great resource.icon_cool.gif
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