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MES gasket broken

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I have a 40" MES and the gasket is all ripped off the door.
Any idea where I can get a new one or what I can use in it's place?
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You should be able to get one from Masterbuit. I would start there. If their solution is to sell you the Body kit or what ever they call it I would consider seeing if you could find screen spline or some kind of high temp rubber tubing.
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Did it just pull off the door or is it torn through? If it is pulled off or even torn, go get some hi temp silicon gasket adhesive, clean everything down and glue it back on. If you rough up the metal with some emery cloth and wipe clean with alcohol, lay a bead of silicon adhesive and press the gasket back on. Let dry for a couple days.
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How old is it? Call C S they are pretty good about taking care of you.
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CS was supposed to send me out a new unit in January because of heating problems with the unit. They were going to send me a 30" replacement last October, but I opted to wait 'till January for the 40" replacement.
That never happened.
So, I don't think they will do anything about a measly gasket problem.
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Try using this number, I think you will get the result you want, hopefully.

Kim is here name and she is good.
Tell her Ron Sent ya, lol, she won't know me, but mention the forum.
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I called and spoke to Kim.
The problem with the replacement was an email, that I don't remember getting.
They want the power cord, serial plate and receipt and will send out a new unit.
Thank you Ron and Masterbuilt!
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You are welcome.

Glad you got it taken care of.
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With the number if service issues I wonder if we should have Kim and her number listed as a sticky.
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The email I got says they are going to send out a body kit.
Does this mean no shelves or internal parts?
And. do you think they will send out the new model, with the window?
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I would assume it is the whole smoker otherwise they would just send the door with the gasket also, because they want the cord Etc. They sent me a whole new smoker with the racks and all. Since they were out of the old 40 model I would assume you are getting the new model.

Keep us informed.
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I agree with Ron, had an element issue a couple of months ago and after sending the cord and serial # Plate received a complete unit.
Seems like a lot of posts with MES issues lately, too bad they can't get this element issue worked out. This is obviously the weak link in an otherwise very well designed cooker. I have to wonder how long they will be able to afford to send out new replacement units. This has to be a big chunk out of their bottom line.
All things considered, I'm happy with my purchase and tip my hat to Kim, my experience with CS was refreshing.
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I got a call yesterday from Masterbuilt asking me which direction the feet pointed on my defective unit.
I didn't have the feet because they were replaced with casters.
They told me they would be shipping me a brand new complete unit instead of a body kit.
Here comes the greed in me now.
I bought the unit from Sam's with the warranty and because I drilled a hole in the side for a Smoke Daddy, I didn't think they would take it back.
Do you think they will?
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Well, here's how I see it- Masterbuilt replaced my unit with a brand new one even though it was well out of warranty. I haven't been treated that well as a consumer in a long time. How they can afford to do this is beyond me, but it's a good thing for me and from what I've read here many others. I'm sure this type of service pays off for them too with a lot of customers saying how well they have been treated. Happy consumer, happy seller, life is good.
What a great equation this is- everybody's happy, lots of good karma and great chow!
Now lets think about what will happen if Masterbuilt starts getting returned units without serial # plates and cords...... See where I'm headed with this?
I feel what you're proposing is greedy and short sighted. Yeah maybe you could pull it off and come out of the deal with a free smoker, and maybe the thought of screwing a good stand up merchant doesn't bother you, but I can't help but think that a lot of people like myself would suffer from it.
It's wrong.
I know this may read a little on the blunt side, but give me some credit- the 1'st draft read like Sam Kinison wrote it.
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That hole did not contribute to the problems with the smoker even though drilling the hole may void the warrenty. If MB made small changes to the design to improve on the problems that are plaguing these smokers they wouldn't have to spend so much money on replacing them to keep people happy.
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I did mention greed on my part!
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When I brought mine back to Sam's in the box, they didn't even look at it.

Good luck.
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There does seem to be a common issue with the contacts going out that hopefully they're getting a handle on, along with some individual instances like these gaskets.

As far as the total number, just imagine how many folks here have at least one MES and haven't had any issues. Just as an example and guessing at numbers, if we have 5 threads going about problems, and there are 500 units between us (some folks w/2 or more), then that's only a 1% failure rate.

Not good if it's yours, but better than most birth control rates!
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