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Awesome, thanks man, and from a fellow Lebowski fanatic, I will say "Your foot was on the line, mark it zero".
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Beautiful looking ring and crust.points.gif
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You did a magnificiant job on your smoke... It is always well worth a little lack of sleep...

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hey iowa...u ever finish those turkey legs?
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looks awesome nice! Wow all night, man I'd never make it!! I'd fall asleep, land on the smoker and wake up with a brisquette face icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
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Looks great I-guy...hellava job!!
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Got me drooling. Looks greatpoints.gif
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Looks GREAT!!points.gif

Next time, to avoid getting too "schnockered" try using a small potato. I have Two probes for my CGSP so I just find a decent Pot, cut it in half, and PRESTO, two probe holders!
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