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My most ambitious smoke yet...

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Now, I'm relatively new to the all the smoking fun, but I'm lovin it, and have had some great results thanks to the threads on this site.

I weaseled a day off from the boss tomorrow, so I decided to pull an all nighter, and throw a brisket, a pork shoulder, and 6 turkey legs onto my Chargriller pro, with some slight modifications.

I got all prepped, and ready to go, and realized, I need a cork to put my probe into, so I had to open up Exhibit D below ("It's for the barbeque dear...and I only drank it because I hate to be wasteful")

Anyways, I'll be giving some updates as the night goes on, it's currently 10:00 CST, and the brisket and shoulder went on about an hour ago...slow and steady now...

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Well, I decided to throw the turkey legs back in the fridge, the brisket and the shoulder took up more space than anticipated, and I don't want to crowd to avoid unnecessary cross contamination.

Oh well, will still give periodic updates, got a long way to go...icon_eek.gif

...and the wine's about half gone already...may have to switch over to the vodka tonics.
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Good luck.I will smoke those legs for youPDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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Iowa wine?

Very interesting. Waiting for the results...........rolleyes.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Results are in, on the wine at least, and the results are good! If you're a wine lover, you should try an iowa vintage, we got good soil out here, ya know?

I appreciate the offer, but the turkey legs are going on in the morning since they don't take nearly as long as the other two...updated pics are on the way...thanks for the resonses! -Iowaguy
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Getting a little tired, must be that delicious Iowa wine, and the vodka tonics that I washed the wine down with...should probably eat something. Oh well, check the progress below.

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Notice the cork in the que view??? Eh?PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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It's 4:11 am, and I'm still going strong (thanks to some strong coffee). Both meats are plateau'd, so any chances of going to bed before sunrise are gone...oh well, I consider it suffering for one's art. Thanks again for the encouragement.
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If it were me, those wouldn't look quite so pristine... a li'l slice here, a li'l slice there.. lol!tongue.gif
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Ha! I actually just trimmed a piece of the brisket off and walked in and saw your post...she ain't pristine anymore!!
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You have a lot more ambition than I do. Sure looks good so far. Looking forward to the finished product.
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Looking good! I'm looking forward to seeing how they all turn out.
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Brisket's foiled, still plateau'd at 165-168 degrees on the pork...been there for about 2 hours, so it should break soon.

Then it's time for bed...just in time for the sun to come up. Man, I'm tired.PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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I guess you're not REALLY a Q-er until you stay up all night to do a Brisket. I guess I'll always just be a "Hodaddy" (as they used to say in So. Cal.)
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It is almost time for the all-nighter season to begin here. I'm ready for that! Have fun, eat well and get some sleep!
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Looking good. I got an overnighter coming up this weekend. Glad you have having fun with yours. points.gif
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Looking good so far, Iowaguy! Can't wait to see the finished deal...
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I thought I smelled something on the way to work this morning
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points.gif from a fellow Iowan in DSM. That's a nice looking smoke.
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Well, I was a little delirious from lack of sleep, so I didn't take any pictures of the brisket pre slicing...but you get the idea. Pork came out better than usual - sometimes I have issues getting a good crust, but I had a few temp spikes late that I think helped.

Got a few odd looks from some neighbors, as they were going out to get the paper, here I am, standing over the grill at 5:00 am...anyways, as far as finishing that pork, I do something that the Que Gods (and Goddesses?) might frown on, but I suggest you try: I do a relatively loose pull (big peices), and then I add a generous dash of Jeff's Rub to the pulled pork, and mix it in. This helps with some of that meat in the middle of the roast that doesn't get any seasoning love, and I think it turns out great.

Well, after 14 hours of smoking, I thought to my self, "Self, probably time to get some sleep", then I remembered, I gotta get those turkey legs on!!!! BACK TO THE GRILL!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

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