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Nice looking stramie you got there.
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Looks good. I've been temped to try a smoke/steam procedure on my next attempt to recreate the Katz deli experience at home. As if that's ever possible.
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Great finale!!!

I can't wait to do my first one...
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Thanks everyone!
Supposed to rain for the next 2 days here but I'm going to thaw a few more out and make another attempt at smoking them. Try a different rub, get some juniper berries, trim more fat beforeheand, and send one to my brothers job (crapplebees) with one free for the taking and see if I can't get some orders going on.
I noticed several people on here, including Tip, make money selling their premium smoke.
Though with pastrami I suppose I should corn my own beef and not cheat with a pre-corned one.
Hmmm...never brined for that long, need to get a brisket...need to search the site.
Anyways, I'm off, thanks for looking and enjoying my strami everyone!
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It looks great. You know Ron is the man. He got me started on my first strami. This last batch I did I never even opened the door until they hit temp. I never even foiled them. I think a lot of it has to do with the brand and the cut of meat. Mine were somewhere around 450 MG of salt and I only soaked them for about an hour. When I steam mine, I slice it and lay it in the steamer. After it warms up, I put the cheese on and the bread and let it steam a minute too. Awesome job and thanks for the plug.
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