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Top Round London Broil

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Wife picked up a mess of London broil for $0.28 a lb, thinking I may put the smoke to it. Planning on doing a chucky -esque smoke. Thinking possibly a garlic powder, paprika, cayenne, brown sugar, and lemon pepper rub. Anyone ever done the london broils? any other ideas for a rub? Maybe a different thought on cooking it?

Going to be slicing, so taking it to about 190* should be about right correct? I know that the london broil is typically a tougher cut than the chucks but I am thinking it should go well.

Any input is greatly appreciated.
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Make sure you wrap it with a little liquid. It can and will dry out quickly.
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did you say $0.28 / lb? icon_eek.gif
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I did

Local market, close to expiration. She bought it and tossed it in the freezer. been there for a few weeks.
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I've made a lot of London Broil on the grill, have yet to smoke one. Although it's on the short list. London broil is very lean, and when grilled it should be pulled off rare. Once you get toward Med it gets tough. Since there isn't much fat, going high (I believe) will ruin it.

I would wait smoking it until you get get a definitive answer from someone who's done it.

BTW, There is argument about whether London Broil is a method of preparing, or a cut. So, that throws a monkey wrench into things too.
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I've smoked one once. It turned out decent but could have been better.

I've got a good marinade that I usually freeze my london broils in for a week or so then thaw back out to grill.

The one I smoked though I had only frozen it for a night or two. So the marinade hadn't made it all the way through the meat.

I don't have the ingredients for the marinade at hand right now. But the marinade turns the meat almost black. It's got soy sauce and dry vermouth in it. a spiced rum can substitute for the vermouth if you'd like.

But freezing it for at least a week is very necessary.
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You can smoke them and here's a thread a long time ago on how to do it:

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I'll go with Abelman they are great smoked but several things.
To lean for the high temps
Need to marinate in Allegro, MoJo, or something at least overnight
Pull at less than 145 personally I like them at 140 and foil and allow to rest
Slice against the grain for best results
Those are just my personal thoughts, I have done several and they come out pretty good
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Have done several

I have done several also and agree with marinating overnight in allegro, mojo etc. I personally use a fair amount of my rub mixed in with Dales
seasoning. I do one other step if smoking, and slather mustard with a heavy sprinkling of rub. I totally agree that 135-140 *F is the time to pull, and wrap with a generous amount of beef bouillon for a rich gravy base.
Remember to slice very thin. I both smoke or grill mine depending on my
taste cravings as both are very good. If I grill I use some chips, sear and finish indirect. Unless you want the grill marks In my opinion its not necessary as I find no discernible difference in taste. I also have used
fresh but Its my religion to marinate. Good luck to ya, it makes a wonderful dish.

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As said above, its a lean cut so slow cook and pull early at 130°-145°...I cook them up when they're on sale, thin slice after cooled for roast beef sammies.
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Not to start an issue, but there's really no argument if one does the research. London Broil is a specific manner of preparation traditionally involving a long marinade, quick grilling or broiling, and cutting across the grain of flank steak when cooked to NO MORE than medium-rare. It's also one reason why the price of flank steaks is so high today.
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I have not seen flank steak sold as london broil. Usually it's top round. Just too lean for my taste. I would agree that it needs to be cooked to no more than med to med rare.
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Yup I too do the marinade.. Then sear.. Then rub ( i dont rub first because lots of the rub sticks on the grill ) Then smoke to 137... Love london broil !!
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London broil became one of my favorites to smoke. Abelman's link above inspired me to do one, and I haven't looked back.

I have seared before smoking, and not seared, and not really noticed a difference.

I don't soak mine overnight. I soak mine in Dale's, out of the fridge, for an hour. Then to the smoker at 225 with hickory.

I rubbed one the night before, let it sit in the fridge, but still prefer the Dale's 1 hour method out of the fridge the best. It's uber simple and delicious.

I pull at about 130, foil, and let it rest for an hour or so in a cooler.

Slice thin against the grain, and that stuff is AWESOME. We make fajitas with them. We also eat them as a meal, and grab a slice or two for a snack.

Good luck, and post some Q-vue!
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thats a great price, I would have bought them out.
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did sombody say jerky?wish I found at that price-could make bank on My jerk.
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All smoked. Adding Pics.

In the Marinade:


Of the Smoke:


Close Up:


I made my own marinade, brown sugar, lemon pepper, honey, garlic, cayenne, brown sugar, and Guiness. sat in the fridge for 48 hours in the marinade before the smoke session. Smoked over alder, oak, and a touch of mesquite at 205 till it hit 135. Had the left over marinade, water (that the wood had soaked in), and onions in the water pan. Came out tender juicy and delicious. I couldn't get the pics to work directly, I will work on it later. Have to go eat some more beef now.
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Looks good! Some cuts just have to be cooked rare-ish. Good job!
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Great job, I could go for that tonight points.gif
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Man that looks great! It tastes even better the 2nd day. Congrats on the first of I'm sure to be many LB's you smoke.

Try some of the leftover slices in fajitas. You'll like it!
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