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1st pork butt w/Qview

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This is a follow up to my spare ribs post. The butt just came off the smoker. It was rubbed with the same rub I used on the ribs. Smoked on the MES at 235* to internal of 202*. 4 lb pork butt took 10 1/2 hours at that temp.

One question for those who do pork often as I'm a newcomer to this meat. I found some meat had taken on a gray hue near the bone. I know pork will have light and dark and that is suppose to be a factor of stress preceding and during the kill but gray I've never heard of. Any feed back would be appreciated. Thanks for looking

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Nice bark. Meat looks moist. Nice job. icon_smile.gif
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I can't help you on the coloring as I've never run across that. Otherwise though, the pulled pork looks great.
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Like a true champion! Great job!
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I just did my first pork butt last weekend, about a 9 pounder, and when pulling it, I also noticed that the meat next to the bone was a grayish color, I figured it was because of the bone, but not sure, your's looks great!!!
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Nice job Scuba.....bark looks fantastic!!
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That looks great. I think the color is from the bone. I have never worried about it myself.
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Great lookin' Q-view! The bark on that butt is real nice. I have occasionally noticed some gray next to the bone myself. Doesn't appear to affect the taste though. Yours looks great!
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Again, great job....Looks awesome
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Made a dandy lunch today

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icon_eek.gif Oh man!!!
BTW, slaw recipe????
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Slaw recipe was something like this

one carrot shredded, about 1/4 of a head of cabbage sliced thin, ~1/4 cup of diced onions, ~1/2 a cup of diced red pepper, ~1/2 cup of poblano pepper diced

Dressing was Dukes mayo, a little white vinegar, a little sugar, Lowrey's seasoning salt and CBP.
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That looks awesome nice job on the first one bet it won't be the last one judging by those results
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