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1st attempt hamburger - Ultimate Burger

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Here's my first attempt at hamburgers. Smoked under a cherry wood at about 250-260*. Took about an hour + to get to 170*....Sorry, hamburgers are the only meat that I eat well done.

Here's how I did it...

Took 1 lb meat and used Mike Krantz's recipe to scale http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ight=hamburger

Divided into 4 1/4 lb patties.

Added cheese to the bottom 2.

Added crumbled bacon.

Another layer of cheese on top

Took the top layers and placed on the bottom layers...pinched together tight.

Smoked until 170* (yeah I'm a wuss with hamburgers)

Served with a little onion & some fresh cut fries.

Thanks for viewing!!!
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Nice work!
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Dang, lots of good looking smoked burgers lately. I see Fred Flintstone sized smoked burgers, with stuffed peppers ala our engineer coming up this weekend.

Hope I can last that long.PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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Holy moly does that look good. When I saw you layer that bacon in between two layers of cheese and top with the second burger I knew these were over the top. Great job!!
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Real nice.Thanks for q-view
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Did you bother to brown or sear it at the begining or end? If not, do you think it would worth trying?
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I thought about it. It does really need a quick kiss across some open flames at the end of the smoke. Problem was, these things were so large, I was afraid to flip them. Turns out they held together better than I thought.

Next time I'll take 'em to about 130* and give them a minute or two across a flame.
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Here I am eating an apple and grapes and I see this,That stinks, Darn Q-View, my screen is missing
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Nice...I saw a man versus food episode from Minnesota, and they actually call these a "Juicy Lucy"...they looked awesome. Now that I see yours smoked, they look even better. Tivo Man vs Food if you get a chance, it is pretty amazing how much that guy can eat.

I'm making some of these for sure! points.gif
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Now that's what I call a burger! Nice job. icon_smile.gif
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They look great.points.gif
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wow! looks great
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Great job!!
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Looks great!! Points for sure!
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Looks great! Did you get alot of leakage? It doesn't look like it. Points for surepoints.gif
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I know what I'm making this weekend...Great Job!!!
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Simply put: Genius

I think I heard Angels sing when I saw those pics.
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Juicy Lucy!

POINTS! That looks scrumptious!
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Im making some of these this wed after work!supposed to be 78!woohoo.tornado here in arkansas missed us by about 20 miles!icon_eek.gif
And yea,i watch every man Vs food show,he can really put it away!
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