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1st spare ribs w/ Q'Vu

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While the wifey is away I get a chance to make some pork ribs. She doesn't eat pork. Previously made beef ribs were okay but way fatty.

Spare ribs were on sale so I picked up a slab. Trimmed them St. Louis style and rubbed them with a mix of paprika, garlic powder, dry mustard, oregano, cumin and salt.

Used the 3:2:1 method on the MES set at 235*. I used hickory chunks for the smoke. The ribs were at 205* when pulled. No comparison to the beef ribs. These were succulent, meaty and delicious. I gave them a light coating of BBQ sauce after uncovering for the last 45 min. of cooking. Served simply with a side of coleslaw.

Ribs after the first 3 hours

Finished with sauce

Dinners ready. Mmmmmm

I also have a 4 lb pork butt still in the smoker. Same rub.

This will be pulled for sandwiches. icon_idea.gif I figured while the smoker's hot do a lot
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Looks good nice job PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nicely crafted ribs there Scoob! POINTS to you for that early afternoon stomach growl.

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Looking good! You sure that's your first?
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Those look, am i hungry.
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Dry Mustard...hmmm...

Those spares look great...I haven't used dry mustard as a season for meat...did they pack a bit of punch (heat) with the mustard? Very interesting rub combo, simple and to the point. A no frills, just get it done type of blend.

Care to share the rub recipe? Even if it's a pinch of this and a shake of that?

I'm curious 'cause I might try that on a burn I'm doing in May, on a couple of slabs, anyway. I've got 2 slabs of BB's and 7# CS ribs waiting for non-stormy weather to get smoked, as well.

Thanks for sharing! Good lookin' smoke!

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Eric, thanks for the kind words. The dry mustard is an ingredient I've seen in a few rib rubs. Not much heat from it. I looked at a couple of recipes and then went from there.

I wish I could give you the recipe or even the proportions but I just wing it like I do everything I make. I cook a lot and cook intuitively by what I think will work as well as tasting as I go.

Not trying to hide any secrets as there are none. The only problem is when something is really good trying to recreate it exactly. Not such a problem when things don't meet my expectations since I have a good idea what not to do on the next go round.
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They look like they turned out really good. Nice job! icon_smile.gif
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Looks like some sweet meat Scuba.....nicely done!!
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Those look pretty good to me.
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They really look good, did you smoke them in the pan the whole time ??
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Nice job, Scuba! Did they taste as good as they look? Cuz they look grrreat!
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Nice job, Looks great
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No, I smoked them on a rack for the first 3 hrs then into a covered foil pan for 1 more hour and uncovered with a little BBQ sauce brushed on for about 45 min.

Thanks. They were about the tastiest ribs I've ever had. I can't think of even baby backs that tasted as good. These were very meaty.
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