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Ribs 'n Chuck today

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Well to celebrate my daughter being born last Friday I decided to fire up my daddy present (MES from Sams Club). We did 2 slabs of beef ribs and a chuck roast. I used a rub out of a book that I have for all of it. Smoked on mesquite and hickory chips 225-250 (cranked it up towards the end). Enjoy...

Ribs were amzing, will try the chuck tm. Thanks for checking out my "Q" !
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Good lookin' them Dino bones!
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Congrats on the new baby girl, and the beautiful new smoker. Some nice looking dino ribs. Make sure to let us know how the chuckie turned out.
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Looks good

Foil or no foil? Looks good Thanks for the q-view.
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Looks nice. Great job.
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Looks great. Thanks for the Qview.
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Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. icon_smile.gif

Nice job on the chuckie and ribs they all look delicious.
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Congrats Ben.....great job on all that beef!!!
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good lookin Q and thanks for the q-view fix
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Good lookin' smoke! What temp did you cook the ribs to?
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Congrats on the new little on and the big smokey one biggrin.gif
Good job on the food too!
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