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Quadruple Pork Panini w/Qview

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Lunchtime and lots of leftovers to choose from so I came up with this bad boy.

Here are the ingredients: Pulled Pork, Bacon, Ham, Smoked Pork loin, banana peppers, mozzarella, sourdough bread, margarine, and bbq sauce.

Buttered the outside of the bread and piled it high and onto the panini grill.

Here is the finished sandwich with sauce on the side. YUMMY!

I love how the panini grill gets the bread so crispy. You can get similar results with a foreman grill or a skillet with a foil wrapped brick to press it with.

Thanks for checking out my Qview!
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That's a sammie!!!
Very nice choice of ingredients! points.gif
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Looks awesome thanks for sharing points.gif
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Man that looks good!!
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Sounds and looks great, Brad! icon_smile.gif
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Dang that looks good! I'm hungry again, and I JUST had lunch!
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Now, that's a sandwich!
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Great looking sammie! I'll bet I could eat two of those.
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fired up, you are very bad for my efforts to lsoe weight! that looks wonderful!
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Sure looks tasty. Those panini grills are great...they make everything tasty.
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Man OH man That is a sammie after my own heart. I use the Forman that way.

points.gifThe only thing I do differently is use a sour dough rye from Krogers. It is called California Sour dough rye with caraway seeds.
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That's what I call lunch, nice qview.
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I love a good sandwich and that looks like it's got it covered . Nice !
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Sweet looking sammie. points.gif
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I am so hungry now... thanks!

A great sammie, with just the right amount of greens. LOL
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Good looking Sammie Fired uP.
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Man all that thing is missing is some sliced and grilled green chile. Oh yeah, it is also missing my plate being underneath it.
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That's a good looking sandwich. Better than the Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger I had for lunch. mad.gif Now I'm starving.
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Fired Up, that looks Awesome!!!!

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what a great sammie thanks for the qview but i never have much leftovericon_lol.gif
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