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Pulled Pork Butt Sandwich

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Here's another one that I almost forgot to post due to the site's problem. I tried experimenting and getting tips from the posts here and without further ado here is my version of pulled pork butt sandwich.

I started by giving my pork butt a good massage with yellow mustard and patted it with my own version of dry rub.

Into the smoker... I'm still using acacia chunk since this is the only available wood in my area that is included on the list of wood safe to use for smoking.

The butt was almost done but still waiting for the right temp before I'll start to pull it out.

Here it was already pulled and resting while I'm preparing for the other condiments for my sandwich.

My heart's delight pulled pork sandwich.

Thanks for checking my Q-view!
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lookin real good!
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Looks good. What did you put on the sandwich?
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Looks great thanks for sharing
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Great lookin butt and sammie!!
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Nice!!! Good job!
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Hi irishteabear,

I'm glad you all like it....I put garlic spread, mayo, fried egg, cucumber, tomatoes and the pulled butt. The garlic spread gave it a BANG since it blended well with the butt.
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The pork looks great so why ruin it with all that other stuff? Can you even taste the pork ? Pork, a little Mustard sauce and slaw, that's all you need ....
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Looks great. Nothing better than a pulled pork sammie.
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I don't think it was ruined, just enhanced.

Great job, thanks for expanding our horizons.

New ideas are always embraced.

Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for sharing the Q View my friend. I believe Acacia is related to mesquite, good choice.
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Looks great!

Acacia, need to ask haven't heard of that b4. Where's it from and most importantly how do you pronounce it rolleyes.gificon_smile.gif .
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Ditto! Nice job. Good lookin' butt and sammy.
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