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It's Here!!! My 12 inch D.O.! -view

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it just arrived today and i'm really excited. i've seen alot of d.o. cooking performed while working as a cook in a cajun joint for several years, but never actually used the pot myself. believe it or not, the inspiration for buying this came from scotty's rustica thread! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif i just couldn't resist... enough talk.

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Congrats Guvna, CI pans and DOs are some of the only items left in existence today that you'll probably hand down to your children or other loved ones. My greatest present this past Xmas was a set of 3 CI Pans with matching CI lids that my Mother-In-Law gave me. They're strictly mine and are only used in the smoker. I'd sure hate not having 'em.

So what's going to be your first DO meal???

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i saw some jambalaya that someone made on here and it really took me back. yeah, a big pot-o-jambo sounds pretty good...
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Congrats very nice!!
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Can you invert the lid and put coals on top to bake with it?
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To cool! Looking forward to seeing you use it!
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You're going to love that DO. I have two of those except mine are antiques.
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Very cool Guvna, I would still season it even though it says it is preseasoned.
At the very least wash it out as it does come with a wax coating (Hot water and if you must mild soap).
Looks to be for indoor use and hanging over a fire versus using coals on and under it. Is that correct or did I miss the legs in the pictures?
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Congratulations on the D.O. you are gonna love it.

Good luck and bring on the q-view
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That is a nice looking DO. Enjoy it, I love mine!
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