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So, I have a turducken roll sitting in my freezer that was probably going to get cooked in the oven like the last one did, but I was wondering if anyone has ever tried smoking one before, or if they might have suggestions on how to? I'm basically new to this, so this probably won't be the first thing I try to smoke, but it intrigues me to smoke it.
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Check out this thread


If you click on search then advanced and type in turducken then click on titles below that it will bring up quite a few threads on the subject
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If you're going to smoke it, don't forget the Qview.
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I'm not saying don't do it, but I will tell you that I don't think you can smoke one without one of the following things happening (or some combination of the 2):
1.) bird sits too long in the danger zone: 40-140
2.) Burn the livin' bejesus out of the outer layer in order to get the internal bird to come up to temp.

I did one this last winter and had to go way too long in the danger zone. If I was to do one again, I think I would use the large dutch oven that was mentioned in the link given above.

Here's the one I did:
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