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External chamber therm

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I am looking for an external chamber therm for my ECB and eventually for a UDS that I will be building. I see a lot of stuff on here for meat therms but not much in the way of external units.

I do have a ET-73 but also want to mount a couple. Anybody have a good link or manufacturer they recommend?

I would want one with a 3 or 4 inch stem to get in there a ways to get a more accurate reading in the chamber.

Thanks for looking!
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Check out this thread
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Lots of them on E bay
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I have the BQ 300 on my UDS. Make sure you buy the mounting kit as the Tel Tru doesn't come with a backing nut.

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Wow! Thanks guys! I have lots to look at now.

I also did see a bunch on ebay. There was two brands I was looking at: Kingfisher and F&C. Any thoughts on these?
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what he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that where i get mine
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The Tel Tru's are American made and adjustable.

You get what you pay for.....
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I got a tel true from bubba. I think it makes the Q taste better than the ebay models.icon_cool.gif
Well, maybe not but I am very happy with it and shipping was fast.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I suggest a tel-tru or an ashcroft, wherever you decide to get it. They are both excellent and will serve you well. I also suggest that you get as large a face as practicable. I can look out my window and see what my smoker is doing, because I have a large face and great resolution. I also suggest narrowing the range some to what you actually use...that way you get much more resolution to the actual temp. I have a 50°-400° range, and it works really well. Also, get one that is adjustable so you can check it in an ice bath or boiling water to ensure accuracy. Finally, get a stem length that puts the tip away from the side of the smoker enough so that you don't get radiant heat from the side, and are measuring actual smoker (air) temperature.

Just my $.02...good luck!
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I went to your site and saw the Tel Tru LT225R with 5" stem. Is that the only one you carry? It's hard to tell from the pic if that mounts on a smoker with hardware. Most threms I have seen come with hardware of some sort to bolt to the unit.
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That's not the one you want. Look at the BQ 300 Black Face with 4" stem, you have to buy the mounting hardware separate.
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What he said. ^^^ And that's pretty standard. Some come with a mounting nut, some don't.

If you're REAL careful, you can drill a 3/4" hole and the 1/2" threads will screw right in.

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I didn't realize the 300 was a Tel Tru until I later looked them up on line. Thanks for the info guys! Man, I love this place.
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