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Stuffed chicken or chicken fatty?

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Went to make dinner this evening (on a rare Monday off). Wife had bought some chicken, so I thought I'd see what I could do with it. Pulled the chicken breast out of the package & it was HUGE!!! So, I thought I'd stuff it/make a fatty.

I put it in a ziplock bag & pounded it out as flat as I could get it.

Added Colby cheese

Added broccoli & bacon

Topped with American cheese

Folded/rolled 'er up & added some spices

Smoked at 275* with cherry wood for about 1 hour (internal temp of 165*)



Served with baked potato & spinach.


Thanks for viewing!!!
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now THAT's how to eat chicken!
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Nice job Chris.......I'll hafta try thatbiggrin.gif
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Great idea! Looks great.
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very nice-i just started my spinach seeds today-thanks for q-view
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awesome... I may do this tonight!

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What TasunkaWitko said. That looks delish.

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one question was that the wifes plate? my plate would have a bit more to it. dont want you to go hungry

just watching out for you.

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Technically it would be a roulade:


Either way, something very tasty!

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That looks great

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