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First Smoke Part 1 & 2

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I'm splitting this post up because of the number of pictures I have.

This is the 2nd series

Washed, Soaked and Bagged

New Smokehouse

Fire Box

Loading the Sausage, 2nd day for the hams


Hams ready to come out of smokehouse


In the Dry room
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First Smoke Part 1 & 2

Beginning of Series

Fresh Ham

Salt, Sugar and Cure #2

Another Ham



35 days later
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That is quite the setup you have there. how long did it take to smoke the whole hams?
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Good looking hams! Nice smokehouse too. Looks like you need to get it broke in.
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I'm doing a Virginia style ham and read that the main purpose of the smoke was to add a bit of flavor and dry them out. I did 48 hrs on the hams and 24 hrs on the sausage.

If you can imagine the smell!

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I love it!! Great smokehouse Al, the hams look wonderful too! icon_cool.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Very nice......points
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Al I merged the 2 threads I thought they belonged together. Thats awesome I like the smokehouse looks like a nice set up
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All looks great , Al !!!
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Man, i think i can smell them from here. That looks great!
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surprised you did not have the neighborhood bears linin up at the smokehouse with dinner wear!!tongue.gif
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That's beautifully done. Congratulations on your plan and smoking hams... yet one more thing to make us all wish for- our own smokehouse! points.gif
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